Friday, May 23, 2014

Odd Even FUN

This week we had lots of fun! End of the year is close so I am trying to make things as fun as possible as everyone is tired at this point of the year.

We started learning about Odd and Even with our calculators mini posters. Get them free!

Then we could move on with the practice!

With the world cup so near it was very exciting practicing it with this game:

It is super simple. Have you heard about pares o nones? It is just a simple game:

One player chooses Odd and the other Even. 
Then both say:
1, 2, 3.... PARES o NONES?
1, 2, 3.... ODD or EVEN?

And both students show a hand with the number that they choose.
In our case the referee determines the winner and he or she moves to the next 'match'.
We have a Champion 1 and a Champion 2 so both final players take the crown home that day.
This game is very popular in my first grade classroom. They play on their own and the crowns go home almost every day.

We are studying transports at the same time so Odd and Even street were a must:

We did a number dictation and put them in order while talking about houses in real streets.

We did this little foldable streets and had fun playing with them creating our city with traffic signals and little cars.
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday

This is my very first time linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I have enjoyed this linky on other blogs so I thought I could participate this week.

Yes! We did it. The page is completely blank... But I am learning how to use it and soon I will add some fun. 

We have internet in the classroom! This may sound weird for many of you. But this year I moved to a new school with no smartboard and no computers in the classroom. Many parents donated computers at the beginning of the year and now we have internet access. I am excited!

I am working on some end of the year activities for first graders. We still have 2 months to go...

This was in the mail! I ordered a big banner with hundred chart for the classroom! Some kids struggle with number sense and I want to work on it this month. 

Did You hear about the blog hop? It will start tomorrow. I do not participate on this one it but I know some good friends that are participating. Visit Flapjack educational resources,  Second Grade Superkids or Fun Monkey Bars tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter hen craftivity or the last day before spring break

We did it!

After a long term we finally are approaching spring break. 
I wanted to share with you a cute hen craftivity that we did. We wanted to make something quick an easy and use some foam Easter eggs we had so this is what I came up with.

We gave the template to the kids on colored sheets and after some modelling they started to work on their own. First graders are so independent at this time of the year.

They had some trouble with the flap in the wing but they managed to help each other. The nest was made of brown scrap paper.

And check other fun craft available in the blog.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter bunnies and addition rainbows

Another good week in our classroom. We had Open House so a lots of projects were going on. We drew Easter bunnies and introduced addition with regrouping.

My students understood the regrouping concept very fast so I moved on with the practice.

We used these colorful rainbows to review at the end of the week and they loved them. 

Each student got 7 paper strips. Once the addition is solved they out them in order from greatest to least.

You will notice that I have "cleaned" the clouds because they had written their names. But they looked colorful as they used markers and trace each letter with a different color.

If you want to use the activity click  -HERE- to download it. 

Print each page on a different color. Each page  has 5 addition lines. So if you had 15 students, I know I am too lucky, you would need to print the each color page just 3 times.  And then one cloud for each kid.

We also did our Easter bunnies. This year I went with a super easy pattern. 
After mixing the colors they drew straight horizontal lines on a paper (see picture in the beginning of the post). Then I drew on the blackboard the steps and they created the masterpieces on their own.

Check other Easter bunnies from last year Or where I got the pinspiration Pinterest bunny. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Animals everywhere! Last week photos

This has been a grrrreat week in our classroom! We have learnt about animals. We started with Carnivorous/Herbivorous animals. We used this awesome idea from First Grade Fascination

She has some animals posters for free. :)

With this fun craftivity my students understood the different teeth shapes. 

Then we moved on to vertebrates/invertebrates. We created bees (invertebrates) and fish.

I tried using these animals as a reference because they usually have difficulty with fish and insects.

As you can see I am using lots of free drawing craftivities. I have 15 kids in my classroom this year! This makes it super easy to help each one of them without the need of using patterns.

And the results are awesome.

As an assessment I created a simple chart to fill in with foam stickers and just check the characteristics. 
After all that work we got a treat. Animal salted crakers! Can you eat a carnivore animal?

If you are studying animals you can check some animal craftivities here:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring cleaning sale!

March is almost over... And it is time to clean our TPT wishlists!

All my bundles are on sale too so it is a great opportunity if you want all my plant resources or Easter animals!

See who else is participating thanks to Georgia Grown Kiddo's!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring brings flowers to the classroom!

We are finishing our plants unit and the kids wanted to make BIG flowers. I have done lots of guided drawing and print and go craftivities with them so I decided they were ready to create on their own.

We revised the parts of the plant  with Parts of a plant foldable and I created a big anchor chart with their help. 

I explained all the steps and we decided how many sheets of paper they would use and how big their flowers would be.
Then we started. It took us two sessions but it was worth it. 
We also added ten sunflower seeds on each flower.

I am a teacher...  I thought I could use this activity as an evaluation so I created this labels to be completed and added to the final craft.

Click HERE to get the labels in English & Spanish.


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